Welcome to Protech Services, home of the Front Wheel Drive Racing Guide!

  We also have a chassis dyno for fine tuning your car. Spring Hill Chassis Dyno.    Protech/Mike Ogren built racing engines , tuned on the dyno, has resulted in  one of the fastest VW racing in SCCA H Production.  (1/23) 

 The latest cam designed by me , has  made  the best power and more importantly, class leading torque in the racing RPM range of 5000 to 7200.  This cam is designated  G6 .  It sells for $400, shipped in the USA.  There is a 10 week order time frame required.  It meets the SCCA limit for HP of .425 lift.  

Are you racing a Front Wheel Drive car on oval or road courses? Are you racing a Volkswagen? Then the Front Wheel Drive Racing Guide is a critical key to getting the most from your car and driving style. The information in this guide will help you keep up with the rear wheel drive cars, or dominate your FWD class!

As you can probably tell, I am much better at making cars go faster than I am at designing websites. If you are impressed by really slick sites and waxed race cars, then I may not be the guy for you. However, if you want to go faster and are impressed by results and speed, then I can help you. My race cars are not fancy in any sense. The things that matter are seldom visible, and I like it that way.

Rental cars

  •  The  SCCA  H Production VW  Scirocco can be rented at $2000 per weekend plus transit and tires. This car holds numerous track records and can race in HP, FP, GTL , SPU.   
  •  Protech will soon have a T5 Mazda 3 available .  Call for details. 
  •  1-  352 428 8nine83 .   USA.