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The FWD Racing Guide

The FWD Racing Guide is done and being sent out now! This final version will get sent to all, along with any updates/revisions. Please pay pal me $20 for all of this information. Please include your car specs and venue along with your basic ruleset. I won't take your money unless I think that the book can help you and your car.

"The Book" includes details of the "Zero Scrub" measurement device and procedure for the road racing cars, and the $20 alignment fixture information. If you follow the book and really don't go anyfaster, I will refund your $20. I started collecting oval track data because there was no really useful FWD racing help. I have also successfully raced ITB cars for many years and have been running in the Chump Car World Series for the past few years as well. Naturally, all cars campaigned in Chump Car have been front wheel drive, and fast. All of the physics are the same across disciplines! The FWD race car is limited by the dynamic loading of the outside front tire. Follow this guide to reduce that loading and you will go faster.

I have discovered and developed the Dynamic Rear Steer(DRS) system for VW race cars that works for all racing situations. The details are included in the bookl. This is the single most successful speed improvement for VW that I have stumbled upon. Please emailor call me with any questions.

IMPORTANT: When purchasing the guide, make sure your spam filters are set to allow email from If you do not receive the guide within 2 days, please call or email as it is probably caught in a spam or junk mail filter, and we can arrange alternate delivery.