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Welcome to Protech Services

I'm Mike Ogren, owner of Protech Racing Services. I have been racing for 30+ years. I started autocrossing with the Sports Car Club Of America (SCCA) in a Pinto. Many stock class wins and some college time later, I raced and won a few class championships in stock cars and ice racing. My racing expertise has been in data analysis and low speed aerodynamics. Most recently, I have designed, built,and flown a tandem wing Ultralight airplane.

My thousands of miles as a "Performance Driving School" instructor has led to many race coaching, car setup, and crewchief jobs. I have set lap records at Sebring International Raceway, and have helped many drivers go faster, along with offering setup suggestions for various cars. This amount of track time led to the renting out of track cars and race cars, usually VW ITB class cars. I have raced VWs of some kind for about 20 years, always near the front of the pack.

My son Michael has gotten me back into the racing scene.. We raced karts for a while when he was younger, but speed and safety considerationsled us to take up "Ministock" racing . The local track was Citrus County Speedway, about 1/2 hour from my shop.

As a parent of a young racer, I want the best chance for him to succeed. As a result of this desire/obsession, we had evolved our race car to be the fastest in the class for 2008.

The result of our impressive speed, accomplished with the smallest engine in the class, was that the track added 50 pounds to our car. This forced further development of my dynamic rear steer system to get back the dominant speed. Alas, for every three wins, the track adds 25 pounds and we had become firmly enthrenched in the top three speed-wise. The racing was very close, with the top three cars all within the same tenth of a second in lap times.

Michael is now attending the University of Central Florida. His major is Mechanical Engineering. He is also driving and winning in an H Production VW Scirocco, while also anchoring the "A" car at Chump Car events. Our next project is a T4 Mazda Miata. This class is new to SCCA for 2013, and we hope to use what we know to do well in it. While this is not a FWD racecar, success should prove that our grasp of dynamics is impressive, regardless of vehicle.